GreyMarch: War Metal

Here is the home of my War Metal tools. If there is a tool that you think WM needs, send me a message on Facebook.

Online Tools

Epic Boss Simulator

Use forces designed with the force designer or generated with the force reader and try them out against epic bosses to get an estimate of your ratio. The damage will be a little off, so don't take it's output as gospel.

Drag & Drop Force

Uses a drag-and-drop interface to plan forces. These can be saved as text for you to load or share later.

Faction Leaderboard

More in-depth statistics about the faction leaderboard. View a graph plotting their progress over time.

Epic Boss Calculator

Paste the scoreboard from an epic boss and this tool will calculate relevant statistics such as health remaining, damage ratios and loot tiers.

General Battle Simulator

Basically the same thing as the epic simulator but allows the user to set the defender's force and stats instead of using a preconfigured epic boss.

Epic Viewer

View details of an epic before joining including host, time remaining, number of players, epic health, team health, and ability charge status.

Units Database

Unit stats.

Missions Database

Info about missions. Where to find beacons and tokens and their drop rate.

Player Database

It's a big list of links to player profiles, there's not much to explain.

Faction Graph

Input a faction name (s) and view a graph show that faction's rating over time. Optional time period parameters.

Loyalty Comparison

Copy and Paste 2 loyalty tables (from the Faction Info page) and it will tell you how much loyalty each player has gained.

[Firefox] Faction Ratios

Paste the war player table (wins, loss, etc.) and it will compute each player's ratio. You can paste both sides at once.


google chrome extension

GreyMarch WM Extension

A Chrome browser extension that will replace the regular force editor with a drag and drop interface. Also includes in-game versions of most other scripts and tools on this site.

Easy Profile Loader

A bookmarklet that allows you to easily go from a WM profile to the owners FB profile, or a FB profile to their WM profile (it will also add them to your alliance if they are your friend).
tampermonkey/greasemonkey script

FB Name links to Profile

A UserScript that will add a WM profile link to FB names in WM (e.g. faction war screen).
tampermonkey/greasemonkey script

Search Box on Force Page

A UserScript that will add a search box to the force page and allow you to filter by name and unit type (e.g. robotic). It is case-insensitive.
tampermonkey/greasemonkey script

Epic Boss Calculator

A UserScript that compute statistics (damage done, health remaining, etc) about the boss you are currently fighting and display them below the epic points table. In essence, this is a more convienient version of the original epic boss calc.


WM Math Info

On this page is trivia and explanations related to the math behind some parts of War Metal such as base damage, attack/defense power boosts, damage boost stacking, etc.

Force Codes Guide

A short guide to using some of the more complex tools on this site.