Drag and Drop Force Editor


A UserScript that replaces the default force editor with a drag and drop interface. It is optimised for Firefoxfor firefox, if you are using Chrome, please use the extension.To use it:
  1. Install a UserScript extension for you browser if you don't already have one. Firefox:Grease Monkey.
  2. Install this user script: WM_Force_Drag_and_Drop.user.js
  3. Next time you do an epic, some statistics should be displayed.

  • As of now, reinforcements doesn't work correctly; waiting on the WM Devs for a fix.
  • A red outline means that the request is not yet completed. If you go too fast, the interface might not display units in their correct location.
  • Double-clicking will add/remove units like the regular force editor.
  • If you are playing from warmetalonline.com, the area where you select units will automatically expand to fill the screen height. If you are playing from FB, it will follow the user's mouse and can be resized by dragging the bottom edge.