Force Codes? A quick explanation.

Drag and Drop Editor, Force Reader, Force Exporter, Epic Boss Simulator, and Battle Simulator (and the Chrome Extension) are a collection of tools that can be used together to greatly enhance your War Metal experience. Unfortunately, some players have trouble understanding what tools they should use and how they should use them. This page will attempt to guide those players in the right direction.

The main concept that should be understood before using these tools is what a Force Code is. A force code is what these tools use to work together; it is a series of numbers representing a War Metal force that can be copy+pasted between tools or saved on your computer.

The are 2 different tools that can generate a force code:

  • Drag and Drop Editor - Visually create your force with the tool and then press the 'Save' button. It will generate a force code for you that can be copied for later.
  • Force Reader - When you run this script while on your War Metal force page (the non-Facebook version), a force code can be generated representing your current War Metal force. This functionality also exists in the Chrome Extension but can also run on the Facebook version of War Metal.

Now that you have a force code, there are a number of things you can do. You can share it with others, save it for later, or use it in another tool:

  • Drag and Drop Editor - load a force code into it to populate the tool.
  • Force Exporter - when you run the script and give it a force code, it will attempt to load that force into your actual War Metal force. It requires some preparation of your force such as stripping all units from it and making sure that you own all of the units present in the force code. It can only run on the non-Facebook version of WM, the Chrome Extension does not have this limitation.
  • Epic Boss Simulator and Battle Simulator - Use the Force Code you have created in simulated War Metal battles! Either test it against epic bosses or another force code. A number of handy analytics can also be generated such as the average chance of reinforcing units, or the average damage contribution for each unit.